Teva Riva Winter Mid Hiking Boots Review


My hiking boots were getting worn out. I have had them from the year I spent in Africa in 2009.  If you want to see a picture of the worn out old dogs, you can see them in nearly every post of us hiking. Which brings us to this review of my 2015 Teva Riva Winter Hiking Boots. During my search for new boots I had a list of requirements. That list went something like this:


At-least a 3/4 ankle height (for ankle support)

Little bigger for my extra thick wool socks

Strong and aggressive sole

I chose the Teva Riva’s because they met all my requirement. The Teva’s had their work cut out for them, I only had them for 2 days to break them in before a 15 mile hike on the Foothills Trail. Well here goes the review.


The leather exterior is a high grade and durable leather, which after a nice coat of Mink oil repels water like the dickens (or water off a ducks back, whichever you prefer).


The sole of this boot is very strong and durable (made by Vibram) and the lugs are very aggressive.


The sole proved itself many times on our last hike, thru water, across slippery rocks and tree roots.  My feet stayed dry and my ankle’s went uninjured for a grueling 15 miles, even having a 50lb pack on my back.

Here you can see the great craftsmanship of these boots, and the high rise rubber soles (great for stability).


The laces are amazing and I love the eyelets and the great feel when snugged up tight (not to tight, not to loose, just snug enough). The insole feels good and the 3M Thinsulate liner keeps my piggies warm when the trails get cold.

The size fits great, perfect for a nice thick pair of wool socks


Well that is the review of the Teva Reva, “where can I get a pair your asking yourself”. Glad you asked I found mine on for <$90.  Well hope you enjoyed this review, do you have a pair of Teva’s or another awesome pair of hiking boots? And always happy adventuring.


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