Kayaking Bushy Park, SC

Our first kayaking trip in South Carolina was a quick one, just a few hours. We got in at Bushy Park boat ramp, here you can either go on the Cooper River side or the Black River side. We decided to checkout the Black River area. From drop in we kayaked out for about an hour or so then stopped to have lunch and enjoy the peacefulness, than kayaked back. It was a beautiful day full of sunshine.


About 1 mile up the Black River from Bushy Park


Kayaking is sooo peaceful.


View of the USS Beautifulness, over the bow of the USS Awesome


Great view up the Black River




This bushy-like stuff is full of all kinds of little fish


This was our first adventure in kayaks here, but definitely not our last. There is an epic kayaking, backpacking combo adventure in the works. Keep checking in with us for updates and more fun.

Do you like to kayak? If yes, than where is your favorite place to go? Hope that this inspires you to set off on your own relaxing and peaceful hideaway.