Summerville, SC Italian Festival

Two weekends ago there was an Italian Festival in downtown Summerville, SC. First off, the old downtown area of Summerville is crazy cute and we enjoy going there to walk around and hit up a few of our favorite places, like the Single Smile Cafe (an actual sit down coffee shop-believe it or not those are hard to come by here) and the Village Knittery (a cozy, cute knitting shop).

Back to the festival. While driving there it started to downpour, thankfully they said they would be holding it rain or shine. I think after all that rain the previous week, everyone needed to get out. I am so glad we went and that it wasn’t canceled. It wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small either. We had arrived right after all the rain had finally slowed. Unfortunately some vendors left and a lot of people left as well, but more started to come as the afternoon progressed.


(When we had first arrived, still drizzling a bit)

We tried some amazing tortellini with a delicious creamy sauce and some lasagna. We also had a canoli and salted caramel gelato. Todd got an espresso and I had wine.




My tortellini was amazing, the vendor that made it (Rio Bertolini) sells homemade pasta at the Charleston Farmer’s market. Their products are delicious, we have purchased their gnocchi at the market before; so good! They also made the canolis.


Todd’s lasagna left quite a bit to be desired and cost a lot for the tiny 2-3 bite piece they gave him. But I guess we were at a festival!


The gelato was soooo good, I miss it from when we were in Italy two summer’s ago. And they served it out of a really cute converted Vespa. We loved it!





(Todd’s espresso)

There was a bunch of different entertainment while we were there. One of the dance studios in Summerville had their young dancers performing. The really young ones were crazy adorable. Definitely my favorite entertainment we saw while there, they reminded me of my nieces back home.



There were also adult dancers and a singer that we got to see. There was a band but they didn’t play while we were there.


Sometimes festival’s can be hit or miss, but this was a good one. We will definitely attend it again next year. Always look into your community to find local events going on. They can be a blast! Have a nice week, it’s Monday, make it marvelous!

Do you have a favorite local festival you attend?