Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all and to all a safe night!


We love Halloween, it is so fun to get creative and dress up. Plus it is so fun to see all the cute trick or treaters dressed up. Todd and I each made a big batch of chili (I used my mom’s infamous chili recipe) to take to our friends house tonight. We will be hanging out, maybe do some trick or treating with them and their kids (don’t worry we won’t collect candy!) and see lots of awesome costumes. Plus we would love to walk around in our homemade costumes….*drum roll please* we are going as:


(disregard my awesome Frodo pants, this was this morning while lounging around)


Everyone’s favorite breakfast, bacon and egg(s)!!!

We were a peanut butter and jelly sandwich 2 years in a row (we loved it) and we felt like rockstars. You should have heard the excitement from all the kids when they passed us and realized what we were! Yep, we are super cool!

Here are our carved pumpkins:


(my haunted house pumpkin)


(Todd’s awesome spooky/silly face pumkin)

We wish everyone a spooktacularly fun and safe Halloween!!!

Pumpkin Patch

You knew it was coming! What is October without a visit to the pumpkin patch?! I love October, it is the first full month of my favorite season (fall) and the start of all the holidays. There is something so comfy cozy about fall, and I am convinced that if “comfy cozy” was a love language, it would be mine. Last week we had 2 “perfect” fall weather days, you know … the sun was out and not a cloud in the sky, it started out chilly in the morning (cold actually, like 42) then slowly warmed up to the low 70’s. I was in heaven!

Anyway, Sunday was not one of those “perfect” fall days. It was cloudy with intermittent sun and it felt humid as heck. Despite that it was still an awesome day for the pumpkin patch. We went with some friends and their kids to the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch in Mount Pleasant SC. For a $10.00 admission I would definitely say it was worth it. There is so much for the kids to do and if you are like Todd and I, a lot for the “adults” as well. The only downside is that they didn’t actually grow their own pumpkins. They lay them out in a field and you get to “pick out” your pumpkin but not actually “pick” your pumpkin. Back home we always go to Hunter Farms and you get to “pick” your pumpkin which is my favorite part (along with the tractor ride to the field). But the Boone Hall hay ride made up for the lack of an actual pumpkin patch. It was awesome. The majority of the photos we got were from that.




(This guy could be a distant relative of Shelob, LOTR buffs know what’s up)


(How would you like to run into this guy at night!)







(Beware of the “bat zone”)


Toward the end of the hay ride they had lined the side of the corn maze with decorated doors. It reminded me of in the movie Monsters INC! So fun, my favorite was the Minion door.




Aside from the hay ride they had giant inflatable pillow things 60’x30′ that kids could jump on, a rope spider web for kids to climb on, HUGE 30′ slides, dirt hill with tunnels out of plastic, corn maze, animal petting area, and a TON other activities. There was also the coolest goat tower-y thing. It had ramps for the goats to walk up to higher areas where you could pay .25 cents to get feed out of a machine and put it in a container that was connected to a rope and pulley system that you would pull up and feed the goats. It was fun seeing the goats they were so cute.


This was before it got too busy right at opening.


One of the HUGE slides (don’t worry, we know the little guy!)


(The goats were too cute!)

Although we didn’t actually get to “pick” our pumpkin and the “pumpkin” photo shots were not as pretty at this location it was still a great time and I would highly recommend a trip here. We had fun, even if we were too big to enjoy all the kids stuff.

October is not complete without a trip to a pumpkin patch. Do you have a favorite pumpkin patch to go to?