Yes, I know what your thinking ” WOOOO ¬†HOOOOO!!! those awesome bloggers are back, but where have they been?” Well, things have been crazy busy with work and blah, blah, blah. That’s not what you want to hear, but it’s what your going to get. What you want to hear is another epic write up about something amazing. Well you’re in luck. And here WE GO!

Bootleg Tape around a drill bit. DOES NOT WORK
Bootleg Tape around a drill bit. DOES NOT WORK

In part 1 of this I was up to the part where I was about to drill the holes in order to sew up the binding and my boot leg “electrical tape around the drill bit didn’t work”. So I had to actually buy a bit that fit. I also had to make a better clapping tool.


So my next step was drill the holes with my new clamp device.


After I drilled the holes I sewed the spine using industrial strength white thread, bees wax and a huge upholstery needle.


After the Text Block was sewn. I only had to follow Jason Patz’s amazing instructions. After following his instructions, I completed the book and it looked like this.

NOT TOO BAD for the first Book
NOT TOO BAD for the first Book

It only had two big mistakes 1) Cover barely overlaps text block, 2) holes where drilled too far from the spine, which lead to no margin.


Can't read the words in the crack
Can’t read the words in the crack

So that is the first book repair that I attempted. I’m already in the process of recovering my Vintage King James with a great piece of rawhide leather. Well I hope that you enjoyed this project and if you have any comments I would be excited to hear them. Thanks again and don’t worry you will here from us again.

Summer is fast approaching and that means get outside and enjoy mother nature’s beauty and as always happy adventuring.

Holiday Centerpiece

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We hope you had a wonderful holiday spent with loved ones. We were lucky enough to be invited to some friends house to spend Thanksgiving with them and their family. We had a great time and the food was delicious.

As my contribution to Thanksgiving my friend asked if I would like to make the table centerpieces. I jumped on that because I love that kind of stuff. I had a vision in mind for what I wanted and Todd helped me create it. I have been loving gold accessories lately and I always love a good rustic feel to anything. My plan was to paint some canning jars gold and gather some pine cones and sticks to add to it. And what is a rustic feel without some burlap? So of coarse I had to throw that in there as well.

Todd in all his awesomeness went and foraged for the pine cones and sticks. When he got home he spray painted the pine cones and the canning jars a matte gold color. I cut 2 –¬† 18×18 in squares of burlap and sewed down the edge to prevent fraying. Then I went around the house gathering clear tea light holders for extra jazz.






The end product was awesome (in my opinion!). I LOVED how it turned out. So much so that it is now the centerpiece on our table for the holiday season to come. It was easy peasy and super affordable. We had extra gold jars and pine cones that I added to our fireplace mantle to jazz up our nativity display, with of coarse some more burlap and white lights.


(the above and below picture was from Thanksgiving)



(on our table now)

Have you used nature to fancy up your decor?